And she declared, “Let it rain sprinkles!”

We have quickly discovered that sprinkles may very well be Evie’s favorite food. She can have a delicious bowl of ice cream in front of her and she’ll very carefully pick out every sprinkle. And I mean — Every. Single. Sprinkle.

It was natural that we should combine her deep-seated love for sprinkles and her second birthday. And with that, the Sprinkle Station was born.

Evie and I made the cupcakes the morning of her party. While she was sleeping, I frosted them with a simple, fluffy white frosting. To make it slightly more festive, we put a paper runner down the middle of the table. This gave me something to decorate.

Then, we added sprinkles, chocolate chips, butterscotch chips and raspberries to little dishes and let the kids do their thing. Most piled sprinkles as high as possible. Some ate sprinkles directly from the dishes — Evie being one of them.

It was an easy way to have a small activity for our little group. And, really, who doesn’t like extra sprinkles?

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