Homecoming Anniversary

Last week we quietly celebrated a special day for our family. Two years ago, on February 6, we brought our little girl home. After 54 days in the NICU, she was officially ours.

We were terrified. Up until that point, nurses, doctors and machines had told us what to do. They told us when we could hold her. When we could feed her. How often to change her diaper.

And now… it would just be the three of us.

Leaving the hospital felt like a dream. There’s a skywalk at the hospital that connects to the parking garage. We walked that path every day. Sometimes a few times a day. Sometimes with a smile. Sometimes shaking with sobs. Sometimes we stopped and held each other.  

But this time was different. She was with us and sleeping soundly in her carseat. I stopped and watched as Aaron held our daughter and made his way to our car. That picture might be one of the happiest moments of my life.

At home, we carefully showed Evie each room of our house. We finished in her bedroom. A room we had meticulously planned. From the light grey walls to the painting of the pokemon, Eevee. It was all for her.

She was finally exactly where she was supposed to be. At home. With us.  

Celebrating Evie’s homecoming anniversary is important. It helps us remember just how far we’ve come. Just how far our little 4 pound baby has come.

This year, we shared a sprinkle milkshake and Evie quietly stole all of my french fries. We laughed and snuggled. As we left the restaurant, Evie said bye to everyone and blew kisses.

And I thought, we are exactly where we are supposed to be.  

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